The ON::VIEW residency provides a free, high visibility studio space for an artist to complete a four-week project.

Located just inside the lobby of Sulfur Studios, the residency space is 12 x 14 feet, with built-in movable walls and shelving. The residency studio has large, street level, east-facing windows, which will allow the community to view residents’ work outside of public open hours.


For this residency, I decided to create a series of painted portraits. I wanted to push individuals to take their activism and opinions off screens and into their communities. Sparking individual conversations about homegrown issues reminds all of us how nuanced our beliefs are.

So I created 2 limited edition t-shirts based off 2 of the paintings. The shirts were displayed alongside the paintings during the final exhibition of the project and were available for sale with all of the profits being given to Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates & Loop It Up Savannah.